Scarabeo bio system

Scarabeo bio system

The first combined antibacterial protection + easy-to-clean system. Scarabeo Ceramiche has created an innovative combined antibacterial protection and specific self-cleaning system for its products.

For the first time, there is a single system on the market which, thanks to a special treatment of the ceramic, achieves the dual effect of blocking bacteria metabolism and increasing the waterabsorbing properties of the treated surface, thus increasing its self-cleaning capacity.

Scarabeo Bio System is perfectly integrated into the surface of the ceramic, is completely invisible and can also be applied on coloured and decorated products. It satisfies safety standards and has been tested according to ISO 22196 standards to confirm its biocidal properties.

The ceramic was subjected to an accelerated ageing test in the laboratory, which demonstrated that the efficacy of Scarabeo BIO System does not diminish over time.

In detail, the antibacterial property has the following characteristics: when the bacteria enter into contact with the surface treated with Scarabeo BIO System, their life cycle is interrupted and thus their ability to proliferate.

The antibacterial protective shield is always active with or without light and does not need UV rays to be activated. Effective protection continues over time and requires use of non-abrasive products and detergents.

Causes and effects of bacteria in environments: Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli, Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Enterococcus faecalis are the main culprits in infections found in hospitals and have been adopted as standard indicators due to the fact that they are the most aggressive category.

Bad odours are among the main causes of poor quality of environments, as well as a tangible indicator of low levels of hygiene of the air and surfaces. Bad odours in bathrooms are caused by the combination of urea, germs and bacteria, which produce ammonia and trimethylamine. In all these cases, the antibacterial effect of Scarabeo BIO System helps eliminate bad odours and guarantees the widest spectrum of protection.

Further details on the easy-to-clean treatment: Surfaces treated with Scarabeo BIO System have an increased water absorption, allowing better sliding of water and dirt.

It is harder for dirt and limescale to deposit on surfaces treated with Scarabeo Bio System, so cleaning is simpler and the maximum level of hygiene is obtained. The treatment guarantees substantial water saving, due to the considerable reduction in the amount of water normally used for cleaning.

Constant research into ecosustainable solutions assisted by external laboratories has allowed Scarabeo Ceramiche to create a hot process which gives antibacterial protection up to 99.9% of the treated ceramic surface, according to standard ISO 22196. Surfaces treated with Scarabeo Bio System drastically reduce the surface tension of water which, rather than sliding off the surface in separate drops, slides off as an ultra-thin film, simultaneously removing dirt particles and making limescale deposits less likely. This “Easy-toclean” property allows use of less cleaning products and lower water consumption, thus achieving a lower environmental impact.