Scarabeo Ceramiche was founded in 1974, in Civita Castellana, by Giovanni Calisti and other partners, with the manufacture of elegant and functional washbasins. Their success was almost immediate, helping to establish the company both in Italy and abroad and resulting in the signing of strategic agreements with other companies in the sector.

In 1981, our passion for design turned us into the Europe’s leading company in the creation of ceramic bathroom accessories. In 1998, we launched our designer washbasins on the market, followed over the years by the thin-rimmed and square models and the model without a water containment rim.

A series of successes led to expansion of the Civita Castellana plant in 2004 and to opening of the Fabrica di Roma plant in 2008.

The creativity of our master ceramicist, Giovanni Calisti, combined with the collaboration of an international designer, resulted in the first organic collection, called Moai, in 2010, and presentation of the Bucket range of washbasins at the Cersaie ceramic trade fair in Bologna in 2012, with its unusual bucket shape, which received the Frankfurt Design Plus award. Outstanding examples of the most recent Scarabeo Ceramiche collections include: Glam and Teorema 2.0, which won the Iconic Design Awards - Innovative Architecture in 2018, together with the Up and Frame ranges.

Craftsmanship and sustainability

Here at Scarabeo Ceramiche, we manufacture our products by combining ancient ceramic processing techniques dating to the pre-Roman era with high-tech machinery, allowing us to transform ceramic into genuine and highly original works of art that are also functional. We care about the environment and the health of our employees, so we have been applying ethical practices and techniques for years, making us a sustainable company. Together with zero-impact production, solar power systems at our plants, reduction of wasted energy and recycling of waste, we have adopted working hours that respect the body clock of our employees, to help them lead a healthy lifestyle.

The Glam and Teorema 2.0 collections

Our most recent collections include Glam, an elegant range of exclusive washbasins designed by Emo Design for Scarabeo, available in a wide range of sizes and shapes, characterised by its soft and refined lines. The high-quality porcelain washbasins in the Glam collection have thin but highly resistant rims, the result of our technical know-how and continual investments in research and development of innovative and visually stunning furnishing solutions. The collection has a clean and overarching design that can be incorporated into various domestic and professional settings. The sanitary ware in the Teorema 2.0 collection is distinguished by its generous dimensions and its thin core. The collection is formed of suspended and surface-standing washbasins in various formats, bidets and WCs, and has been created to satisfy the furnishing needs of a contemporary lifestyle by combining style and functionality.
The hallmarks of Scarabeo Ceramiche products are their soft and elegant lines, generous dimensions and thin core, combined with originality and practicality. The Viterbo-based company has been using traditional techniques to shape ceramic since 1974, making any type of bathroom special by enhancing it with washbasins, sanitary ware, bathtubs, shower boxes and accessories that are unique, special, refined and functional.

Originality and craftsmanship dating back 45 years

Scarabeo Ceramiche has spent 45 years conquering domestic and international markets with carefully crafted products, elegant and functional hand-crafted ceramics, special and refined pieces that are never identical. In a world where precision and serial production dominate, this Italian brand stands out, using traditional techniques to manufacture sanitary ware and washbasins, reclaiming the ancient techniques and working processes that made the city of Civita Castellana great in the pre-Roman era and that now guarantee a quality, hygienic and long-lasting product. Scarabeo creations take shape and are made perfect by the mastery of our craftsmen. The finish, for example, is done entirely by hand when the pieces are still wet and unrefined. Washbasins, sanitary ware, shower trays, bathtubs and accessories are transformed into inimitable, unique and special products.

The Scarabeo collections: similar but never identical pieces

The indisputable craftsmanship of the Scarabeo collections has resulted in numerous Design Awards over the years. The creations adapt perfectly to any furnishing need and the common denominator is enthusiasm and passion for art and tradition. The soft, gentle and sinuous lines of Glam, Fuji, Butterfly, Castellana and Arco are ideal for modern and contemporary bathrooms with a simple and essential style. The suspended or floor-standing sanitary ware, with or without a rim, optimise the available space, giving the illusion of a larger and more comfortable setting. The square and linear ceramics of the Etra, Cube, Matty, Moon, Teorema, Up and Zefiro collections are perfect for an elegant and refined bathroom that perfectly combines comfort and practicality. The mini-washbasins for smaller city settings have shapes that can be adapted to any furnishing (geometric or soft and linear). They are multi-purpose, with plenty of details that simplify day-to-day personal hygiene.
he Bucket collection has creative, contemporary and playful lines. The washbasin, or handbasin, is shaped like a bucket, with different decorations and dimensions. The quintessential symbol of fun and simplicity becomes an accessory for a highly original but functional bathroom. The handle becomes a practical towel rail on both the free-standing and wall-mounted version. All the elements of the various collections are crafted by hand by experts who customise them, making them similar but never identical. Quality controls and tests are performed on each piece, to ensure the products offered to customers are functionally and visually impeccable. Sanitary ware, washbasins and bathroom accessories are carefully selected. Any faulty elements that do not pass the tests are set aside and promptly recycled.

Choice of the materials

Scarabeo Ceramiche is a synonym of authenticity, transparency and a world to be handed down to future generations. The Viterbo-based company designs and manufactures the sanitary ware, washbasins, shower trays and bathtubs using natural raw materials such as clay, kaolin, feldspar and quartz, processed with water to obtain the slip. The excellent quality of the materials ensures the products are resistant, long-lasting and eco-sustainable over time. The master craftsmen skilfully combine tradition with the ever-changing needs for functionality and design, turning the bathroom into the absolute centrepiece of a home.

Qualità artigianale

A Civita Castellana la lavorazione della ceramica ha origini antichissime, che risalgono all’epoca preromana. Scarabeo, attraverso la sua produzione si ripropone di recuperare la tecnica dei vari processi lavorativi che tanto sono stati importanti nella tradizione della sua città. Ogni pezzo viene sottoposto a controlli e attenzioni continue, per correggere qualsiasi imperfezione.

Design e ricerca da più di 50 anni



Anno di fondazione



1a Azienda Europea come accessori da bagno in ceramica



Capacità produttiva annua di 600.000 pezzi di accessori in ceramica



Presentazione primi lavabi d’arredo



Primi lavabi a bordo sottile nel bagno



Primo lavabo quadrato a bordo sottile



Primo lavabo senza bordi di contenimento acqua. Ampliamento stabilimento Civita Castellana



Acquisto nuovo stabilimento Fabrica di Roma: 11000 mq coperti, 25000 mq terreno



Produzione raggiunge quota 150.000 pezzi annui



Prima collezione organica Moai



Presentazione Bucket fiera Cersaie



Vinto: Design Plus Francoforte con Bucket A deign Award Silver con Bucket



Vinto: Special Nomination German Design Award con Bucket 40



Vinto: Design Plus con Mizu Iconic Award con Mizu Iconic Award con Fuji A Design Award Gold con Fuji



Vinto: German Design Award con Fuji German Design Award con Mizu Iconic Award con Bucket e Moai



Vinto: If Design con Hung Archiproducts Design con Hung Good Design con Hung Cube e Mizu



Vinto: Iconic Design Awards -Innovative Architecture con Up, Frame, Glam, Teorema 2.0

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