Ideas take shape with the creation of a collection which favours efficiency and practicality. The design is based on simple lines which give the object a dynamic personality. The finishes give the structure its own identity, which can be adapted to a variety of bathroom concepts. A perfect balance between oblique and straight lines and sharp edges. The appearance of Phorma is defined by geometric shapes and modularity. The versatility and availability of over 70 compositions means it can be adapted to large and small bathrooms without losing its elegant lines. Phorma is a multi-faceted collection. The shapes, dimensions and various finishes create a perfect balance of rhythms and combinations. The compositions are simple, balanced and symmetrical, white surfaces combined with beautifully textured materials. A precise design philosophy still leaves plenty of room for customisation. A bathroom is only contemporary when each individual element of its design expresses a timeless vision. With its unprecedented combinations of shapes, colours, finishes and details, Phorma creates elegant and captivating atmospheres, turning the bathroom into a place for well-being and relaxation. Orderly, rational and precise compositions which play on symmetrical lines. A refined and contemporary image, even in the details. Large drawers and cupboards to keep the most frequently used objects. A complete and coordinated bathroom, a wide range of combinations which create a system of sophisticated details, practical surfaces and resistant materials. A simple design with a contemporary and strong graphic image. A versatile system which can be customised in the dimensions, types and elements used.